Cheeky kid

Commercial for the Young Director Award 2010. Simply brilliant!

Content Aware Fill

If have been online the past days, this is what everyone is talking about. Real? Fake? Yep, this IS real, no hoaxes. Btw: I request "content aware" to be nominated for word of the year.

Checking out "content aware scaling" on Youtube is also worth a look.


The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon

Incredibly genius short movie made by Richard Gale.

Rationalist Rapping

Science ist interesting - and if you don't agree, you can f...


Chatroulette Improv

A few days ago this made the rounds on the interwebs, some guy making piano improvs to strangers.

Now some other genius has taken this to the next level - chatroulette in live concert!


Some great road safety PSA's

Most public service commericals are boring, some are shocking, some are condescending and a few are actually beautiful and moving. Here are a bunch.

The Fairy Scientist

"Children are natural scientists - filled with wonder and curiosity, they yearn to know about the world around them. Join Fairy Scientist, Lydia as she sets out to discover the secret world of Fairies."


Where on Google Earth #195

Hi everyone!

Prologue: My original blog about geophysics is in German. (If you whish that page translated in English, click here- the Google translator is doing quite a good job these days). This site right here is a video aggregator project that I once started that hasn't really been kicking off so far.

Peter and me somewhat simultaneously solved the last WoGE, a stunning shot of an accretionary prism in SW Pakistan.

Here's how the game works: (taken from Ron's page)

"For those of you who may be unfamiliar with WoGE (who dat?), the object is to search Google Earth until you find the tract of land pictured below. Once you’ve found it, identify its latitude and longitude in the comments to this post and do what you can to describe the geological significance of this area or the landform in question. The winner (first person to post the correct location and geology) will have the honor of hosting the next WoGE competition on their own Geoblog. If you haven’t won (recently) or have just been thinking about starting your own geology blog it’s a great chance to win a little exposure among your colleagues and the bragging rights that go with that. If you’re getting bogged down or just want to take a break from searching, consider taking a tour of past WoGE localities – the list is getting quite impressive. And if you’re still looking for more of this Google Earth geo-goodness have a look at the new Pathological Geomorphology blog which was inspired by WoGE."

Plus, if you don't have your own geoblog, no problem- just ask a geoblogger to kindly host it for you.

No Schott rule this time. Maybe I shouldn't give hints, but I just can't help myself... It's all about the bluish spot in the middle.

Update: A few pictures from the ground of this gateway to hell:


TV chef meets reality

Chef: "Isn't this the best tomato sauce you ever had?"
Kid: "Yeah, I love it, definitively!"
Chef: "You really got great manners"

Hand shadow games

Amazing what people can do with just two hands and a lamp


Steve Jurvetson: The joy of rockets

Amazing what some backyard rocket scientist can do these days!

Wingsuit base jumping in Norway

This is one of the greates things I have ever seen on youtube. Make sure you watch the whole thing.


Tornadoes can be quite destructive, but beautfiul as well.

Kachelmann and Lupin

Cat walks onto the stage of a German weather forecast. The meteorologist scoops him up and doesn't miss a beat.


Cruise ship in heavy seas

No one got hurt beyond a few bruises, so it is o.k. to chuckle.
(The fun starts at 1:30 and again at 5:08 if you are impatient)

Note: I actually posted this a few hours before the cruise ship accident in the Mediterranean. Coincidence?